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Christophe Alhanko

Architecte Dipl. EPFL MPQ

Loris Guillard

Architecte Dipl. EPFL

Mikaël sachs

Architecte Dipl. EPFL SIA REG A


2008 De Planta et Portier Architectes 2012-2015 Berclaz-Torrent 2012  Favre & Guth
2010-2011 Ar-ter, Atelier d’architecture et territoire 2014-2016 EPFL - Atelier Maquette 2013-2014 Group8
2013-2014 Charles Pictet Architectes 2016 EPFL - Laboratoire Ibois 2014-2016 EPFL - Alice Y1
2016-2019 dl-c, designlab et construction 2016-2019 Ruffieux-Chehab Architectes 2016-2018 dl-c, designlab et construction
        2018-2019 Christian Dupraz Architecture Office
2019 Associati 2019 Associati 2019 Associati

Associati is an architecture office founded by Christophe Alhanko, Loris Guillard and Mikaël Sachs.

Through the production of architecture, urban research and object design, the office is constantly devoted to answer the daily life needs for individuals and communities. Spaces and objects are designed to become possible supports for personal and collective experiences.

Associati is committed to the practice of a conscientious architecture seeking to apply for each project values of social, economical and environmental responsibility. The office stands on these values to define places and moments capable of offering the best features in their existing context.


Christophe Alhanko Architect MSc. EPFL MPQ Partner
Loris Guillard Architect MSc. EPFL Partner
Mikaël Sachs Architect MSc. EPFL SIA REG A Partner
Raúl Hansra Sartorius Architect BSc. EPFL Intern

Past collaborators

Olivia Porter Interior Architect BA HEAD Collaborator
Gimmi Giacuzzi Architect BSc. EPFL Intern
Daniel Pilsworth Architect BSc. EPFL Intern
Damien Rogg Architect HES-SO Intern